I'm sure this is asked quite a lot, but which amp should i get for £130 AT THE MOST? I'm not willing to go any higher, since I need an amp right now and we got a gig (very small one btw) in a week, and my old one sucks.

We play alternative, such as foo fighters + QUOTSA.

Ive got an ibanez with 1 soapbar (stock).

I know it's not much, and there probably isnt an amp loud enough for that much, but plz help me!

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just go to your local guitar shop andd see what tehy have for that price, because you wont be able to order anything online and have it arrive in a week.
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just rent one for a day or two, then save up. No point of spending money like that if you are only gonna really need it once
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I cant belive i'm adviceing it but if you cant rent for any reason you can get (from somewere i cant remember sorry) a behringher 120watt amp for £120. Or maybe buy something used
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Ashdown amps are beastly. I believe the five fifteen is in your pricerange. Possibly even the electric blue 180 12.