Every time i play unplugged now i notice a loud buzzing coming from the tape around my bridge pickup. Its loose on one of the sides so thats probably why. Is there anything i can do about this? Thanks
what i did when my brige pickup got loose was lift up the screws that hold the pickup down and put Krazy glue underneath, just dont use **** loads 'cause it might **** up the wiring
pickups are held in place by a screw thru a spring, wedged between the pickup and the bottom of the face of the guitar.

if the spring isnt bouncy enough, the pickup might rattle.

a package of tiny springs is about a dollar.
or u could wedge a sponge in there, or an erasure.

it's just tricky if u dont know how it's put together.

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i dont think its the pickup, just the tape round the edge is really loose. The actual pickup seems held in place pretty well