hey guys, my B-52 AT-212 is in need of some new tubes. i emailed both dougs tubes and euro tubes and heres what they sent me

dougs tubes:
Power: Matched Quad JJ 6L6GC
*V1 - Tung-Sol 12AX7 reissue
*V2 - EH12AX7
*V3 - JJ ECC83S
*V4 - JJ ECC83S
Phase-Inverter - balanced LPS
Reverb - JJ ECC81
Effects-Loop - JJ ECC83S
Rectifier - JJ GZ34

euro tubes:
Power: Matched Quad of the JJ 6L6GC?s
Preamp: Four graded High gain ECC83S?s
Phase-Inverter: Balanced High gain ECC83S
Reverb: Standard ECC81
Effects-Loop: Standard ECC83S
Rectifier: GZ34

theyre both basically the same set except for V1 and V2 of the Preamp and the Phase-Inverter. so which tube set is better? and both will cost the same, about $140 shipped.
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It will be hard for anyone to tell you which is better, that's a preference thing. I kind of like the idea of mixing tubes in the positions where they will be most effective, but I don't know the characteristics of those tubes. I'm thinking the first set might give you a more versatile clean, while the second set looks aimed at flat out high gain. The Tung-sol I'm assuming is a very quiet tube at the input, but I've never used one. The EH sounded sounded a little "rattier" to me in it's gain, so maybe that would work better on a clean channel for some bluesy dirt. Not sure about the phase inverter, but I have a high gain ECC83S I'm using in that position, and I have a lot more gain in my Mark IV than the stock Mesa 12AX7 had. Never tried the LPS either though.

If it were me, I would buy one of the sets, and then buy a couple extra preamp tubes to swap in since they are cheap. Either buy Dougs, and then get the missing JJ tubes, or get Bob's kit, and buy some of the extra pre's from Doug. Dougs kit looks really interesting, but I've been really happy with my purchases from Bob.

I'd like to hear which one you go with, and how it sounds when you're done
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yeah bobs kit is a pre-made high gain replacement tube kit, where as dougs is a custom set. i told doug what style i play, metal, and what my equiptment and how a hellraiser is going to be my main guitar soon and he sent me that list. ill wait for more feed back before i make a final decision.
Those are both quality sets. Flip a coin and get the other one next time, see what you like best.
well i emailed both bob and doug about the different preamp and phase inverter tubes, like whats the difference and i said that a friend recomended them to me, so ill see what each one says about the other.
well i think i pissed doug off, heres the email he sent me:

Hi Marshall,

Enough with the Eurotubes spam already! You want your amp to sound like mud?

The difference is, I actually had to think about what tubes to put in your amp to make it sound its best.

^If he's got the balls to tell you that, he earns my vote. Get your tubes from him.
yeah i decided to go with dougs, he did make a good point, he picked out the tubes that will sound best for my amp for my playing style with my gear instead of just showing me a generic pre-made set. so im defentally getting them. ill let everyone know how i like them when theyre installed.