Hey, I need help deciding on a distortion pedal. Should I go with the Boss DS-1, or the Digitech HotHead Distortion? I've played through the Digitech one, and it sounded alright. They're both around the same price, soooooo which one should I get?

(i play with a squier standard strat, don't rip on me, it's a good guitar and im upgrading the heck out of it as we speak...)
digitech distortion pedals are crap

i'd say the DS-1, but also look into the line 6 uber metal, or some of the Boss Turbo Distortion and such pedals if your budget is expandable..it's definatly worth the upgrade
well, i've got the boss ds-1 and the digitech grundge pedal and I love them both. the ds-1 is way more versatile, though. you can get anything from a blues/classic rock tone to an ac/dc tone and even heavier. it is unbelievable what you can do with it. i haven't played digitech's hothead, but i don't think digitech's stuff can compare with boss, even though the grundge pedal is pretty incredible. go boss, you won't regret it.
I have a DS-1 (got it for free) and I don't like it. The sound is real thin and tinny. I guess it would be good for blues and AC/DC type stuff if thats what you're into.
id get the ds-2.
the turbo function is TOTALLY worth it, i dont even use the built in ds-1 setting
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