Hey, no thread on em in here. What do you guys think? As far as I've been, people have had polar opposite views on them, at least on Darkness Descends. Some people say it's the greatest thrash album ever, and some say it's dull, boring, lifeless riffs over and over. I'm getting the album later today.

Discuss!!! (I know everyone hates that so I make it a point)
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I actually like Time Does not Heal better. More interesting IMO. DD is more aggressive though, obviously. Great **** either way.
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Got Darkness Descends last week, currently enjoying it, but it seems like its one of those albums that could get old quickly.

Hell no, thats what I thought at first, but it was the exact opposite for me, I rate it as one of my favourite albums. Albums like Reign In Blood and Bonded By Blood, I have taken a break from listening to, but at least once a day I blast a bit of DD
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the city is guilty
the crime is life
the sentence is death


That song is teh pwn. I need to check out thrash properly.
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A subtle induction is awesome. except the intro gets kinda long lol. its interesting to look at album photos and see Gene Hoglan when he was merely an SUV instead of a tank.
I'm a big Dark Angel fan. Darkness Descends is indeed one of my favourite thrash albums of all time and is probably the album with the most genuine agressivity and energy.

But they have some underrated stuff imo: Leave Scars and We Have Arrived never get any mention. I heard LEave Scars before Tiem does not Heal and was hooked. I thought the album was simply amazing and had catchy riffs. But on top of that, there was something about the rawness of the sound (lack of production) that made the album feel much more real also (unlike Time does not heal, which is also a great album).

As for We Have Arrived, it was a promising album in the veins of Darkness Descends and deserves much more credit. I have never been disapointed in a Dark Angel release and hope that if they ever come back (as they said they were) they don't screw it up.
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