Poll: whos the best irish rock band
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View poll results: whos the best irish rock band
thin lizzy
9 53%
stiff little fingers
2 12%
boyzone(jst kiddin)
0 0%
1 6%
1 6%
rory gallagher
2 12%
van morrison
1 6%
the pogues
0 0%
1 6%
Voters: 17.
Well...since the only one i know comes from ireland is Flogging Molly, they get my vote.

IF you were to say Irish INFLUENCED bands u'd get The Real McKenziez, Dropkick Murphys, Enter The Haggis, etc.
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thin lizzy
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Either Thin Lizzy or Horslips, since no one had gone for Horslips, I did...
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proly thin lizzy, wasnt van morrison from Iriland?

Yes. He has Americanized singing, but I heard that when he spoke normally he used to have a very thick accent.

And he gets my vote, mostly based on his work with the Chieftans.
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only joking alternative ulster is such a tune so i would go for Stiff little fingers
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