Tonight at 8, my friend got tickets to go see the Who live at Jones Beach(Long Island), its going to be ****ing incredible as long as Pete Townshend doesn't play an acoustic guitar, instead of an electric, like on the one dvd I have of them. Anyway else going to go see them tonight, or just on this tour in general, anyone seen them recently even? It's a shame John Entwhistle isn't alive for one more tour, but it's still gonna kick ass.
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What difference does it make if Pete plays an acoustic for a song or two? Acoustic stuff is great

I wish I could see the Who
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I'm seeing them on Saturday.
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CornLord, you just blew my mind.
It will be electric and LOUD! I experienced them in Berlin in july.
I wish I could go see them in Vancouver next month. But the tickets were so damn exspensive.....and sold out.
Maybe if I can scrounge up some serious cash, I could go there and buy a scalped ticket.....but probably not.
I saw em last night and was blown away!

Roger forgot his cues a few times lol

Pete did play acoustic about a third of the time, but i was just disappointed i didn't get to see one of his famed LP deluxes, the rest of the time he just played a boring red strat.
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he hasnt played gibson electrics since the late 70s. Im going on Saturday.
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December 9th is when i'm going.

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