I hate catchy phrases that only seem to have relevance for a very short period of time. Speech fads, if you will. I think this is just another one of those. I am inviting anyone to explain the difference.

I hear a lot about metalcore these days. People are saying Atreyu and Avenged Sevenfold and whoever else are metalcore groups. What the hell is that supposed to mean? Whether you like them or not, Avenged Sevenfold is metal. They sing about evil stuff, crank the distortion and shred their asses off. So if they are metalcore, what prevents a group like Megadeth from being classified as such? Does every new band need to have a "core" attached to their genre?

If anyone actually has good answers to these questions, I beg you to humour me. If not, it's ****ing metal.
metalcore is hardcore with metal influences. bands like a7x have much more in common with hardcore than they do metal. bands like megadeth have influences from hardcore, but are primarily metal. oh, and about a7x's guitar playing, it blows. it's like yngwie but without the talent
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Megadeth is metal with hardcore punk influences. Does that mean they are Hardcorecore?
no vs. threads...i agree with you it has metal in the name...and stupid pple call it that just because they scream...
1.It's not a speech fad, the core part comes from the vocals and the breakdowns.

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They sing about evil stuff

You're being stereotypical.
LOL @ overdone topic.
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youve fully got to understand real hardcore if you want to know what metalcore is, obviously ahah. and the problem these days is that nobody really knows what real hardcore is. avenged sevenfold is NOT hardcore. they are almost now strictly metal. even their old stuff wasnt hardcore, but you can tell they did have hardcore influences. atreyu is not hardcore either, but again, their older stuff was heavily influenced. if you want to start at real hardcore, check out **** like minor threat 'and up.' youll be surprised at how it sounds: not what you or most people expect ahaha
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LOL @ overdone topic.

Could you be any gayer?

My point is that metal is a basic formula that a lot of new bands adhere to, yet they are somehow labelled metalcore, or post hardcore, or grindcore, or whatever core seems to fit that day. Thanks to all for what little insight I have received, and no thanks to ignored points and extraneous information.