I have a reissue 72 Tele Deluxe. I love it, it's very comfortable to play but theres one thing wrong with it: no low end. When I first played it, it had great low end, but I was playing through a Mesa Double Rec. It can gt a little low but it really loses all of it's flavor and becomes sterile sounding. Is there anyway I can get better low end out of it? I've been told that because its got wide range Humbuckers I can't change those, so I really need some suggestions I really dont want to have to buy a different guitar.
Right now I have a Fender M-80 SS 300W Combo. I plan to upgrade to an Orange AD series, but that won't happen for a while...

I have tried turning up the volume and down the pot and that is actually when I found it to be sterile sounding. I've been playing around with this problem for about three weeks now, I think that I' going to go to Guitar Center and play some amps and see if its just my amp.
Have you adjusted the EQ on your amp to try and resolve this?
And good choice on the future amp.
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