sorry for such a noobish question but this has been bugging me, and i didn't wanna get flamed in the pit and that

ive been playing "flatout 2" and the soundtrack is amazing, things like yellowcard, zebrahead, fall out boy etc etc

but one song i keep missing the artist and title of, the chorus lyrics are:

"this is the way....
up against the wall
up against the wall"

now, it sounds pop-punk/emo-ish, thats why im asking here, 'cause i thought somebody may spot these lyrics straight away and be able to solve my problem

and yeh, ive searched google, can't get anywhere with it, keep gettingpink floyd and bob dylan lyrics coming up

so, any help?


underoath-reinventing your exit

you can also go to bestbuy's website and type in the name of "x" soundtrack. then just listen to whatever previews of the album they have.
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