Hey guys, I've had my Washburn D10SCEDL for about 7 months now. I love the thing, but i'm looking for something a little better...that won't break the bank. I bought the washburn for about 300 dollars(Very good deal) and I think i'm going to sell it and look for something new. I'm looking for a straight acoustic no electronics(I realized I didn't use an amp once..while had my guitar), solid top(why downgrade?), and something that will sound warm and nice. I play damien rice, jack johnson, you know. But I still have a long way to go in getting anywhere near proficient with the guitar. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I can go used if needed. Also, how much should I set the price for my washburn, it's in excellent condition, maybe 2 nicks on the exterior(very small)
How much you wanna spend on your new Axe? If you can go to the $700.-$800. range, I'd suggest the Martin D-15 (choice of Mahogany or Rosewood body) from MF would be an EXcellent choice.
I'd probably ask $275. for the Washburn but be willing to take $250.