Hey all,

I was browsing around Guitar Center today (trying out a few that were recommended to me on here a few days ago). I sat down with the G-400, which I enjoyed, but, as I was putting it up, I noticed another model of Epiphone SG I had never seen before. To the best of my memory this is what it said on the tag:

Epiphone EGG6CHCH3 SG

Now, the price was the same as the G-400, but the finish was different and the pick guard was shaped the same as the Gibson standard SGs (which I like quite a bit better).

Anyway, I couldn't seem to find the model on Musicians Friend. Could someone help me out.

Were the pickups open coiled or covered? Yeah it could have been a G-310, but those guitars aren't very good quality. Plus, I'd imagine they are cheaper, and definately not the same price as the superior G-400.
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