I was in love with you Ashley
Now I'm just a blur
I just wish I could've hold you gently
I was in love with her

While Charlie was holding your hand
I was just in another land
When you and Charlie were hugging
I was out drugging
When Charlie and you kissed
I was seeing the mist
While you and Charlie were having sex
I was in a wreck

I just wish I was with you
So I would'nt be a mess
And be reborn new
Without going through excess
sounds like the rhyming words are a bit forced to me. (not to mention its a classic cliche) im also not a fan of using names in songs,but thats just me. is this one of your first songs?
Flows well...its so...bland. I'm not saying you didn't try or anything it just seems "un colored" ya know? but hey its your first song right? Keep writing and you will get better bro