hey, have you guys heard rumors of pantera getting back together to play one last time and zakk wylde was supposed to be playing all of dimebag's parts. I know it probably won't happen since vinnie hates phil. I was just wondering if any of you heard about it.
that would completely kick ass, but yeah there would be so much tension between vinnie and phil that if any small children watched the performance they would probably die
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It won't happen, I don't think Vinnie or Zakk would be able to cope with it emotionally. It would be awsome if it did though, but only if it was Zakk on guitar.
Im pretty sure you're an idiot for belieiving such an idea. Die plz
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Zakk has alot of respect for Dime's playing and Dime himself, and knows if anyones going to be playing Dime's songs it should be Dime, so it won't happen.