ok so im goin to be a new effectpedal for my guitar and i dont no wat i should get so far i have a cry baby wah dd1 boss distortion and johnso aanalog eho delay and y other good effects out thier
Talk Box, Chorus Pedal, Maybe get a Death Metal brand distortion (mad cruchy sonds awesome).
That makes little sense. I like flangers but thats only because I play alot of Van Halen. I would be happy with what you already have.
Man...this guy doesn't even need to write a suicide note. He can just leave a link to this thread on his computer and everyone will understand.
make sure to get them by boss or another good name brand non-namebrands sometimes sound funny
sorry to post in bits, but never buy a multi effects pedal unless jamming in your room alone, because they will sound aweful if your play in a concert with them.