i've playd .009 gauge strings on my electric for a year now and they're good but now that i get more adventurous with my playing (esp. soloing) i keep breaking the high E string and its giving me the ****s

am i doing something wrong or is it time to change the gauge of my strings?

would changing up to .010 be enough to stop breaking the high E string as much, because I still want to be able to really bend the string
Yeah, in this case I would make the jump to 10s. More controlled feel to them, IMO. More string to fret (minimally, but it does make the difference).
If you solo with it, it might affect your soloing. Soloing is much more easier on lighter guage strings. Your high e might break a lot because of the fact that you pick it too hard, or the strings get rusty, which is a usual sign that you have to change your strings.
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i say your doing somthine wrong, because lots of famous guitarists use .009's and they dont break them. but tens are pretty good
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