Because they couldn't figure out how to make chords and play with six strings.

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because when the mama bird said to eat your chicken, the little tree under the bridge decided to go for a swim.
Cuz a friend of mine who plays baritone in the school band told me there was a bass that no one used and that if i played it...the cheerleaders and flag girls would be dabcing next to me at the football games...but now i can't play it though i fell in love with bass (play guitar for 2 years, bass 2 weeks). here's why: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=6808242#post6808242
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i'm not a bassist, but, once i helped a friend's band to record one of their songs and i played bass, just once
because my friend plays guitar and I wanted to play along with him so i picked up the bass and learned lol and now i love it!
My uncle used to be in a death metal band and played metal virtuoso riffs and I thought I want to be just like that. But his rhythm guitarist got drunk and ran into a store at 60 mph and is a parapelegic (spelling?). When he got out of prison (he was also a con) he got me into bass and I got really interested after I heard Hysteria for the first time and so I tried the bass and loved it.

Plus my guitar is really crappy and has no distortion amp so I had to play bass.
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Because after being a natural at the Double Bass (Orchestra), I wanted to see if it was the same for the bass guitar.

It was .

And because of Ryan Martinie. Love Mudvayne.
'Cause my fingers are huge and thus it would be fairly intricate for me to play guitar.
Bass seemed like the better choice to me because, I thought "Why would the world want another guitarist?" since 99 in every 100 people play guitar...
I've been playing keyboard for a while so I thought it was time I try something else out, and bass seemed like the best way to go.
For me it was a mix of loving Geddy Lee and what he could do with a bass, and also the fact that I can't use a pick to save my life (hence only screwing around with my brother's guitar every now and then) but I can fingerpick prety well. Hell, even when I play guitar now I fingerpick, albiet rather poorly (strings are too close for me to get used to quickly, and I don't play often)
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Think it was the fact of some of that sound you could get it to, I think i like it alot better for doing solos and such. I like how the bass sounds slap, popped as well just a cool sound in general. My cousin accualy got me started on the idea of playing guitar, but i decided to go with bass guitar instead of doing the guitar.
When i was in prison for the manslaughter of my teacher, they had a bass there so decided to try it out. We started a prison band called Fudge Tunnel and on my release i carried on playing as i loved it so much. In a way i'm so glad i went to prison..
I was 15-16...
Realized that Bass was a chance to stand out, instead of being one of those billions of going nowhere guitarists everyone sees...
I found myself some inspiration (metallica at the time) and a wonderful instructor. Bill Connelly in Ontario, OR. when he was just an instructor at a record shop...he has since bought the buiding and re-vamped it into "Guitar Solutions"...great guy, Id be nowhere if it werent for his style of teaching. *theres the end of my Bill plug*
Since then I've played shows, good and bad, played in bands good and bad, and had times good and bad...

Living in a small(ish) city like Boise, ID and the surrounding areas, I get alot of support from people that have never really payed any attention to the bass, simply for the fact that I'm not hiding in the back...and I try my best to shred it up.

www.myspace.com/boisebass <- slap demo
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/\ that was pretty much my experience roger, its important to have those influences that inspire us to actually try, not just play just because you want to be in a band and be popular.
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Because a guitar sounds quite girly compared to the manly sound of a bass. That and everyone plays guitar.
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coz everyone i knew played guitar, so i wanted to be original. Also bassists in my area are very few and so i found a band almost immediatly
im a finger player

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It's obvious that those songs were illegally downloaded, so Metallica wanted him to "ride the lightning," if you get my meaning.:quote: