im using light top/heavy bottems right now but id like to try heavier strings

is it really that much harder to play on them
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It's not terribly noticable until you try to bend. Bending gets a lot harder. Which further supports my theory that Stevie Ray had superstrength and led a secret life as a superhero.
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It's not impossible or anything it's just tough on your fingers and harder to hit p.h. and bend strings.
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Yeah, bending with heavier guage strings tear my fingers up.

But they still give me nice heavy tone.
another option is getting heavy strings and tuning down half a step than u get the best of both worlds.... and hey van halen did it.. no pun intended... and a bunch of other guys did that... yngwie
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I feel right at home with tens. I just upgraded from nines. Playing nines.. it just didn't feel like I was playing guitar any more. It wasn't as exciting.
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Stevie Ray occasionally went as high as .17's...

His left hand was the one that killed Superman. Christopher Reeves didn't get paralyzed in a freak horseback incident, they where filming for the fifth movie, and Stevie Ray played the villain... needless to say there was a little too much nack bending on that set.....
I use 30s.

On a 6 string bass

I dig 10's-11's on guitar the most, generally. I'd like to try a normal guitar with .018's though.
The thicker the string the thicker the tone, 11's or 12's are really the best tonally wise, you get used to them pretty quick(OOOOOOOOUUUUUCCCCCHHH my ****ing fingers!!!!)
Bending is harder, vibrato is harder, but you get a somewhat better/deeper tone and better sustain.
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me too.
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It's not terribly noticable until you try to bend. Bending gets a lot harder. Which further supports my theory that Stevie Ray had superstrength and led a secret life as a superhero.

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its not a big difference, it is harder to bend and fret the strings, but its not a significate difference
Well don't be a dumbass and go from 9's to 12's work your way up, otherwise you will hurt your fingers.

Yes thicker strings sound fatter, IMO better.

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I'm tryin' to get .16s but I have to get 'em custom. I use .11s and they play nice to me. I prefer them. I didn't notice much from them. Then again, I went from flatwounds to them. I dunno...
i find 11's or 10's easier to play than 9's tbh.
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No, I use .015 - .070 and I find them better than .009s, in every aspect, but again, it's personal preference.