i'm looking to invest in a nice pair of recording headphones. any recommendations for something $100 or less? i've noticed that the metronome from my headphones bleads into my recording. so headphones that kept sound from getting out would be great.
^ true, but you also want to have some flat response headphones for more accurate monitering and mixing. most headphones these days have some sort of bass boost built in or some other frequency meddling. with monitering headphones you need to be able to hear exactly what you sound like without that cluttering of the headphones. that said, i dont have a pair makes it hard to recomend something, but im sure you can find stuff at any store that has recording gear. ask to try some out, and nice employees should either let you or help you out in your choice.
if you need something with noise cancellation ive heard good things of Bose noise cancelation head phones
headphones are a tricky subject because you can't rely too much on the info the company gives you as some of it is rather false

but what i can tell you is this,the bigger the speaker the better the bass responce