hey guys,
looking into getting a new guitar and am looking for a versatile rig that can play lots of styles of music, but mostly alternative/rock/modern rock/all types of rock, but not really metal or hardcore. Looking around th e$300-400 price range.
I'm into epiphones, but there dont seem to be any decent ones in this price range.
I would relaly wanna step up to the les paul standard but thats like $500.

thanks in advance

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Check out Fernandez brand strats. They run for $200-$300 and if you dropped in some tex-mex or lindy fralin single coil pickups they wail as hard as any guitar I know of. You really can't find a better guitar for the price, a bandmate has one, and it is solid as a rock. As good as any strat. You can make a good strat sound like an LP, but not vice versa. Plus, you can get that pickup changing opportunity you'll need some day. Also, if you choose your own pickups, you can sort of gear your sound to the type of music you play. Hope that helps. -Dan
thanks for the response mate
yeah im hoping to find something thats ready to roll
prefer to just use th epickups it comes iwht at first
the stock pups in Fernandez aren't bad, but I like really nice pickups. later.
save just a little bit more (sell some stuff on ebay if you have to) and get the les paul standard. In the long run, you'll probly regret not getting it.
well right now i just have a kustom practice amp
ill probly get a fender amp for around $250 hopefully
it needs to be gig worthy (the amp) so any suggestions for that?
around $200-300 thans
Quote by crewdanny
You can make a good strat sound like an LP, but not vice versa.

Not true. LP + Fender Amp + FX Pedal = Strat-like sound

and TS, you probably will need to drop more than $250 for a gigworthy amp.. but if you want a fender amp for 250, this is all I can suggest:


Never tried it, but it looks like the same basic setup of the amp I have, without the reverb, without a second drive channel, and without the mids knob on the clean channel. Heres the amp I have if you want to compare:


Mine is the same series as the other one, just with a few more features. I love my amp, so this should be a pretty decent amp for that price range.
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for that price couldnt he get the Epi Plain Top
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Quote by dertjoe
for that price couldnt he get the Epi Plain Top

he could but im not too assured on the quality of that product since some have complained about it but yeh if the ts likes it then nothing is stopping him/her