my mesa boogie f-50 is not turning on for some reason, when i flick the switch up the lights dont even turn on and i checked the back and it seems fine
can someone help me out here
it probably blew the fuse in the back, but you have to figure out why. Check your tubes and see if you can tell anything from a visual inspection.
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I'm assuming that you have used this tube amp for a while, and know that you usually let the tubes warm up on stand by before you flip on both power switches. You may have a blown fuse. A bandmate just had the same problem. Try swapping out the fuse, the type your amp uses will be written on the fuse (easy to remove most of the time) or even written on the back of your amp. Hope that helps. -Dan
yea i checked it was the fuse......... i didn't see it carefully the first time, the wire was in fact broken

wtf i changed it like a month ago
Something in your amp is making it blow.
Take it to a tech.
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Your tubes might be getting old and it might take a while. Or you blew a tube. I don't really have a tube amp but that's my educated guess. I suggest taking it to repairs in a shop.
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