im looking to buy new pickups, passive ones preferably couse i dont want to be bothered with active emg's or whatever.

must have a good clear clean sound aswell as a distorted one.

im not a huge gear head, so i really dont know what i should get
im in canada so these arent available here i dont think anyway, maybe online, i know Bareknuckle pups have a great rep around here
bareknuckle, awesome but expensive
swineshead, very good and not so expensive
Dimarzio, very good pups
seymour duncan, pretty good but i prefer the others

so get dimarzios or swineshead, i dont know if swineshead ships to australia
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Could you be more specific? When some people here say metal they mean AC/DC, others might mean Necrophagist
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People say EMG's, but they should open their eyes and ears more and look and the BareKnuckle Miracle Man and Nailbomb.

Those have now set a better standard! And theyre passive!! WOW
you like metallicas sound? go for EMG 81's
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you like metallicas sound? go for EMG 81's

Do you like toneless rat-balls horrid garbage? Go for the 81's.

If you like your sound to be organic and not gay, go for passives. I recommend Bareknuckle pickups... even though they are so damn expensive. If it's not in your budget, check out Dimarizo and Seymour Duncan. If you like super-mega-awesome high output, check out the Bill Lawrence L500 (or XL500, whatever it is). Dimebag used it.
nothing wrong with emgs...you just have to like that type of sound, and know what youre doing tonewise.

dude, youre gonna have to specify what sort of metal youre talking about.

bareknuckles are exellent.
definatly not dimebuckers...you said you wanted clean.
invaders are ok, but their extremely muddy if that what you want.