I am looking to start saving up money here in a while to buy an amp thats maybe around 60-100 watt. I am not sure what these truly go for but I really don't wanna spend alot of money thinking around 200ish. But I would be willing to go a bit higher if i gota. What I am looking for a is a good amp and something that would sound good with slapping and such. Probably take me a while to save up the cash seeing how college is harsh on a person when it comes to money. But I figured I should sit here and see what is out there. I also heard that a amp with a tweater built into it is good for slapping and popping not sure if thats really true.
look into ashdown or maybe a fender rumble
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Deliriumbassist is right, Behringer makes a pretty decent starter amplifier for a very reasonable price. It won't put up with being dragged around 3 nights a week on professional gigs (450W version would work for a small club), but the work just fine. I have one that I use with my working pro amp and I think it sounds decent.
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