Hello everyone. I've just got out of the useing a pc microphone to record and have gotten around to getting some cool stuff. But i have never heard a nice amp before besides my closest buddys. So i cant really compare this stuff. Heres a test song i did, It's not a show of skill in anyway. Just me messing with effects and such. I use guitar rig 2 vst in sonar. I made up a little goofy version of crazy train. And i realize the lfo effect is somewhat corney but i was messing around. I made one track with the lfo (techno sounding effect). then 2 more with a vt style amp distortion..Whatever that is lol. . But anyways how do these distortions/effects stack up to recording with a real amp sitting in your room? I mean if this stuff worth it? or should i invest in a nice amp. I only have a peavy special 130watt. It sounds pretty bad by todays distortion standerds. lol SO how exactly does this stack up? does it even sound real? sonar and guitar rig was worth more then my freaking guitar . so i hope its good in quality.

And by the way, I didnt export this work at the highest quality setting. or it would of took an hour for it to save. Its at 128 i think..256 takes a while for sure lol..here you go


Sorry if this is the wrong forums. Im not actually wanting a song critique but just an idea of how these sounds stackup to real equipment in recording..thanks
Nice playing on the clips, your question is a little bit like asking how long a piece of string is , in as much as though the test recording thing sounded pretty good, a guitar going through a nice loud amp, miked up with one or more SM57's etc and going through a reasonable quality mixer will definitely sound better, more live, better dynamics etc (a lot of the modellers and software sound as though they are just continuously applying the same sound to your guitar, IMO) if you check out some of the clips of just guitars on their own (in the ultimate guitar clips thread on here and elsewhere on the net) and look at the descriptions of how they've been recorded, that should give you some idea of the sort of quality you can expect to get for money spent.