Well this is my first post here on the forums. Ive been playing guitar since I was 16, and im 19, 20 in October. Anyways.

Well my friend picked up a squier recently from ebay, broken of course.

as it turns out theres no tone knobs in it, and no pickup selector. All the wires are lose for the most part.

Theres a volume knob still attached.

i have soldering skills, and i can wire it up. but i need to know if i can solder it together so that i can just connect 1 or all three of the pickups to the volume knob, and then have the guitar work again?

ok thanks. if pictures are nessesary i can get them.
well hes just getting into guitar, and anything for him is good. im not putting any money into it, i just need to wire it properly. i looked on the fender site, but only found ones for single humbuckers, and standard 3ply fenders.
you can do it just 1 pickup to the volume, however i'd advise you do the whole pickup selecter thing, i mean they're not that expensive and u just shove it in. but yer if u just want the one pickup then it's not that hard ( i did it with an EMG) look at the diagram they have and adapt it.

hypothetically it'd be pickup --> volume --> output jack. Grounding is the hardest part of that equation.
yeah unfortunatly thats the part i need the most help with.

i kind of just want him to get set up, so one pickup will do fine, if it sounds like crap, i can always try to help him with a full install.

i grabbed the pdf and threw it on image shack, but heres the link for the full size.


does anyone think they could do a really quick job to just show me how to wire the bridge pickup to the volume pot, to get it succesfully playing again?

just anything really quickly in like ms paint or something.