Im in the process of purchasing an electric guitar (i have been playig acoustic for about 1.5 years) but dont know much about amps. i.e. which type (Head, combo etc..)
im into Oasis, Beatles, Stone Roses, Arctic Monkeys etc and im looking to get that sort of sound from the amp. I have about £150 to spend and would be greatful of any advice
for £150 you'll definately only get a combo, and a solid state one at that (solid state means that the amp relies on transistors to achieve it's sound, kinda the same as a radio or a hi fi system, whereas valve amps rely on those old vacuum tubes that are a bit more organic and less precise sounding and are preferred by musicians). A modelling solid state amp will get you as close to tube tone as you can get, and will be a good first amp.

For your taste in music i'd be veering way towards the Vox Valvetronix. the AD30VT will get u there for £130 and has a tube to give it a bit of warmth but still mainly relies on those transistors for the amplification. it's 30 watts so it's plenty loud, and might even be able to compete with a drummer if you start cranking it. It doesn't have the most gain, but it's great for a more warm low gain distortion.
i have got a ashton 100w valve amp n it is awesome...it can pack out any sound u want..like from metal to overdrive...it has a perfict clean sound to it n u got a footswitch on it too witch is reli reli handy.....it's loud enough to shake my whole house lol....but it kinda cost a little...ur looking at aound $1500 australian dollers.. but belive me it is worth it...i wont look into another amp for another 5 years even more..
Get a Vox Valvetronix.

But you might be able to snag a used Laney VC15 for that price, perfect for what you want to play, and it's valve too.
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Ashton amps arent that great...... Learn to spell please......

ant that great?? dude u need to hear a good one like the one i got..it is awesome..n if u look after it, it will last for ages
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