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Here you can discuss bands, artists, albums, labels and the what not from upcoming bands and also the classic ones.

We do have a few rules though and we would be grateful if you keep to them the best you can so that we can all have a nice friendly atmosphere and more importantly a steady forum.


The Rules

1. Be friendly

2. Try to keep elitism down to a minimum.

3. When making a thread, please provide links to the bands music or website (ie MySpace, Purevolume, official website)

4. Please try and search for a thread, before posting.

5. We all like to have a laugh here and we can spam a bit from time to time but don't go over board with it all.

6. Don't post links to leaked material.

7. Don't post any links to download sites and such.

8. Keep it all legal!

9. Try and keep things in the right forums.

10. Andrew and I both live in England, but we tend to be around at some point during the day. If we're not around and there is a bad thread or whatever, report it to us.


We have Album of the weeks, bands of the month, Alt & Indie Radio and such, so get involved! We appreciate your input.

That's all at the moment, but more will be added if we think of some.

With these rules, things will be goooood.

Thanks for reading guys, and have a nice day.

Andrew & Jon - the Alt & Indie team.

A polite reminder:

please try and post links to a myspace, purevolume, official website when creating a thread!