Anyone ever came across any Leatherwolf Tab on the net? I've searched Google,
here and everywhere and haven't found anything apart from a few bars.
I've started doing Hideaway but I suck at Powertab and I haven't got the enter tune worked out by ear yet (Got the majority done) so I'm not sure when it will be ready for posting.

If anyones got anything or as ever heard of the band* please let me know.

*I suppose most of you are in your teens here and have never heard of them?
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Specifacially the Calling for starters.

Update on the band, I believe they just released a new album (CD for you teens).

I just checked out their first or second album, i'm not sure which since they both go by the same name, but tabing them would be hard considering they have three guitarists.
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Stuthedew_666, most bands multitrack their songs like crazy. It's not like they go into a room and jam it out infront of a mic all at once.

I thought this said beowulf in the title. For some reason.
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One day I'll tab a Leatherwolf song. The Calling, Hideaway or something on the easier side.
What I wouldn't give for a Season of the Witch tab though!
1 thread on leatherwolf? *tut*
I need tabs!! heh......rise or fall especially is a song id love to learn.