As I take a look into figuring out all the ****ed up things she said,
I recall those times when we laid around in someone else's bed,
I can't believe you sat here screaming out,
How much i meant to you,
Cause now i'm stuck to figure out,
what else could i do,
I don't believe in fairy tales,
I don't believe it's true,
How can someone be happy,
When every second their missing you,
Is it this state we call love,
Is this emotion true,
Why are we sitting to figure out,
When we know we are thru,
I can't take much more of this,
I can't take all of this,
I won't take much more of this,
Hell you put me thru,
bringing me down,
breaking me down,
I don't care for you,
bringing me down,
breaking me down,
I won't die for you,
Grow some balls and get over it!
May the god of music be with you,
Nedir Kire
it's pretty cool...i really can't say how you could improve it...it could make a good song, if you don't shut up, and say it really fast...but that's one of those songs where lyrics don't matter :p
thanks, i wanted to right alittle bitof a mainstream sounding alternative song, but for the first comment if you don't anything to say except calling me emo i'm sorry to burst your bubble but i'm just writing how i feel and it's not emo it's real, i mean alot of groups right great songs about problems with ex's like i mean hell metallica fadeto black one of my fav. songs but it's emo if you think about so please keep the crits coming and if don't how to crit then leave it to yourself!