so i decided to refinish my old strat and redo the electronics. it is/was a lotus.

i sanded it down to the bare wood

so what i'm looking for help with is..
how should i finish it? paint it black? stain it?

what color pickguard? (i like the idea of a mirrored one on a stained body)

what pickups? (was thinking of some from http://store.guitarfetish.com/singlecoil.html )

i already have my new/main/favorite axe (ibanez js100) so this is more of a long term project then anything.

any suggestions other then firewood, etc, would be appreciated!.
If you get a mirrored pickguard go w/ red or black for the body, possibly blue. Something like that.
red with black stripes on the elboe contour and a black pickguard

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mirrored on black is the best combo IMO, but if you get mirrored you should get a custom pguard, like the LP special new century, full body pguard, although if you have an elbow contour that might be hard...

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i would hate knowing i sanded it all the way down to the wood (took 4 days) just to paint it back with another thick coat of paint although if i cant come up with a good stain scheme thats what i'm gonna end up doing.

maybe a deep red burst with a black pickguard? .... i dunno. but i'm not rushing into it