i tried tuning my guitar (epiphone les paul) to dropped C the other day but the top string was incredibly loose to the point where it was rattling alot
i was just wondering if u need a special guitar or certain strings to play in drop c
no any guitar can be put in drop c. i put my schecter c1+ in drop a once and ya it does rattle a bit but the amp doesnt really pick that up. if anything it makes an even heavier sound. and i use custom guage slinkys which are pretty light strings. so if the rattling annoys u just get thicker strings that should stop it
I'd go for heaving guage strings, at least in certain places like the low C. Something worth noting is that everytime you change tuning a lot, you might want to set your intonation again, and thicker strings in lower tuning will keep better tune.

And I think viperdude might be making a mistake about the tuning you're in... You're not in Drop D a whole step down, are you? I'm thinking drop C, as you said, which is something often used for Irish things.
I had all my strings tuned down a full step and the top string tuned down two steps
i thought that was called dropped-C tuning...if its not then what is it called.....sorry im still kinda new with guitar so im not too familiar with the termonology
epiphones and gibsons are mostly on a 24 3/4 scale, so if you're gonna downtune that much, using a guitar with a 25 1/2 scale will work better, not to say your guitar wont work fine
whats the difference between 24 3/4 scale and 25 1/2 scale?
and whats a more common guitar for metal?
I would put heavier gauge strings on as suggested, I tune down to drop C and I use 12s, which pretty much eliminates the rattling.

I also have an Epiphone Les Paul, so I'm guessing that should remedy it.
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