Hey. I was wondering if EMG 85 pickups are good for any other genres of music besides Heavy metal. I was also wondering what Ibanez guitars tend to use on their heavy metal guitars.

Thanks TinTIn
The 85's are allright pickups but the 81's have much better cleans. It can do other stuff, but you can get a better pickup.

I don't get the second part of your question, Ibanez uses stock pickups in their guitars.
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Stock pickups? Not sure what they are but im guessin its sumthin like a cheap pickup your given with the guitar for the time being. Is tht Right? What type of pickups do bands like metallica and trivium use?
metallica uses Emgs, not sure about trivium, but EMGs tend to have bad cleans and are more for metal, if you want more variety check Dimarzios (most ibanez users use these for some morbid reason), but the EMG 60 should do cleans well enough