i actually like them more than i thought i would. They made a good choice as far as singers go and the originals are pretty good.
i h8 supernova! only coz we used to b called dat n den tommy lee come along!
theyre a publicity stunt for a bunch of washed up losers.
i hate that show.....they always get the biggest douches to be on the show
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I have never heard them
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Beating the elderly is a big favourite of mine. Also, pushing kids over and kicking pregnant women in the womb is fun.

Right now we're called 'Various Artists' just to fuck over people with iPods
I'm sure I read somewhere that they're not allowed to use that name because there is another band that had it and they went through the whole legal stuff to stop them from using it.

In the end, the most entertaining thing about this project is that the new band WON'T EVEN BE CALLED SUPERNOVA. That other Supernova actually won their lawsuit, so it's back to the drawing board for Tommy Lee, Jason Newsted and Gilby Clarke. This must mark the first time a band has sold out the Hard Rock in Vegas (12/31) without a lead singer or a name.

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Jason actually had some nice fills on the bass in their original.
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I disagree Slipknot is more technical than Necrophagist and more brutal than Suffocation, that's why I do hardcore dances to it with my 14 year old friends.