Just as the title says. There is really no way to adjust it lower in this guitar unless I take it back out and modify the mounting tabs on the pickup itself. It sounds just fine, no unwanted noise or anythin, its just way closer to the strings than the other pickups. The front edge is probably 3/16" from the Low E string.
Is this a problem? Anyone else experience this?
well is it too loud? too quiet? to muddy?
If not then, well....no....
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if it sounds fine it's OK (I'd guess it has too much volume, but if that isn't true then it's ok).
you could loose some sustain because of the magnets in the pickup pulling the strings though...
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well is it too loud? too quiet? to muddy?
If not then, well....no....

That's kinda what I thought. I figure it never hurts to ask.
This post is a little late, but I have the exact same problem in my RG1570 - my X2N is so close to the strings. I even took out the adhesive pads on the bottom of the pickup cavity and it's still close to the strings. There is a block of wood at the bottom of the cavity still and I suppose I could somehow "chip" that away so the pickup sits lower, but I am leary of breaking that wood off. I just keep it where it is now, but I do feel I lose some sustain because the strings are affected by magnetic pull.

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I'd have said 3/16 was too close for something like the X2N - I'd have thought at least twice that to avoid "wolf tone" with that kind of magnetic pull and output. But if it sounds good , what the hey
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