Hey guys

I want to start making bedroom recordings and could use some advice. Its just myself and my guitar i want to record. Id imagine Id just need a digital 4track, a mic and my laptop. Can anyonw give me some advice on which 4track and mics to get?

if you have a laptop you don't need the 4 track, i'd recommend doing some research and figuring out HOW exactly you want to record.
if you are just recording guitar, and maybe some vocals, i would suggest an audio interface with 1 or 2 mic inputs. then get a good mic or two and youll be set. the interface runs to your computer to bypass the soundcard that isnt meant for recording. if you are looking to do a bit more, you can even get a nice recording soundcard for your computer. but if you only want one of 2 inputs, i would go for an interface. then you just get a nice recording program and away you go. you can check out the recording forum and search/read some stuff there to get a better idea of whats out there.
^ im getting a persona usb input next week and i'll be doing full drums, bass, guitar and vocals with that, you don't really NEED full soundcards for this kinda stuff, most of what you're trying to do is record in w/ a good clean sound and be able to listen or monitor it on headphones starting off. as for mics, it depends on what you're recording (electric or acoustic?) as well as if either have electric plugins and tons of other stuff, maybe ask your local guitar shop, i know shure makes some really good recording mics and they're fairly cheap (about $200) i wanna say shure sm 57 is one that was always recommended to me and its about $250, what i use cost a little less but was still really good.
^ yeah, but with the soundcard im planning on getting next year i can input 16 channels, with each to its own track. now thats gonna be awesome for mixing, cause i can do it all on my computer. the other way i was gonna do it was to get a 2 input interface and a mixer with stereo outs. you have to do all mixing before hand, but thats ok for most stuff anyways. its just when you start doing a lot of tracks via usb you are gonna get some latency. firewire is better tho, and what i would recomend for someone using a desktop. most laptops dont seem to have firewire tho. im not saying you cant do good recordings without a recording soundcard, cause USB and firewire interfaces are great. its just you can get some really great stuff and get some really amazing quality using a good soundcard and some nice mic preamps.

as for mics, the shure sm57 shouldnt run you more than $100 US, and i think its usually closer to $90. great mic for recording amps, but not so great for vocals. vocals usually want a condensor mic for higher quality, and a pair of condensors can get a really nice sound for an acoustic guitar.