Hello, i have been playing for a year now and i would like a bit of help. I am looking for some cool riffs. I dont want any one to tell me stufff like 'highway to hell' and big famous riffs cos im pretty sure ive learnt most of them. I'm lookign for bands tthat are not known too well but have soem good solid song. I am also wodnering what solo r best to learn.

Ive been playing about 8 months and i figure it depends what your into, i found the lead in all along the watchtower by hendrix a good song and also sultans of swing by dire straits
Try learning the song "A Favor House Atlantic" by Coheed and Cambria - That song is awesome. I didn't know about the song nor the band until the first band practice for my band, where our singer printed the bass and Guitar tabs and lyrics and showed them to us, then played the song on the internet. It is pretty easy, and the riff during the evrse you'll pickup fairly fast.
Keeping in Secrets of Silent Earth as well as Everything Evil are also pretty awesome songs by coheed
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Those Coheed songs are great, but Faint of Heart is killer, The intro solo is killer and the verse riff is amazing
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i already cna play 'all along the watchtower'

Any way can any one name some good solos

My first solo was Hotel California - Eagles
So if I can learn it, with hardly one year practice, I'm sure you can ^_^
Also Lepper Affinity - Opeth and just a nice simple one Wishmaster - Nightwish.

As for riffs, I'm sure I don't have to tell you about Smoke on the Water - Deep Purple
anymore XD Atleast I don't hope so. Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne was a nice one, but
also one of the first riffs I practiced, so I definitely hope you're past that one.

Black Sabbath - Snowblind ^_~
Miyavi - Are you ready to rock
Sentenced - Vengeance is Mine
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Learning: ~Are you Ready to Rock - Miyavi
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