i saw a gibson les paul studio in cherry for £500 in a pawn shop where i live yesterday, if they would let me swap do you think a prs tremonti se and a epiphone les paul goth wit ha floyd rose be a godo trade? im not sure on what the year of the gibson is but i realyl want a gibson les paul and they arent usually that cheap
Umm what kind of shape is it in first.. Play it then deciede chances are if its that cheap its gonna suck ass so ya... Your PRS should be worth nearly as much as they are asking for the Gibson but your Les Paul sounds interesting lol floyd... If the LP is in good shape then It would be a good trade..
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my prs has oen scratch o nthe back otherwise its in perfect condistion, the gothic lp is 2nd hand (im second owner) its got shti loads of chips but plays fine, i have a epiphone les paul custom which is my pride and joy but i would love a gibson. it looks in pretty good condition but i havent played it yet, hopefully if its still there tommoro ill see if i can do a deal if it plays nice, just hope they do part exchange or woudl do a full exchange
Yea that's a good deal, but test it first, just to see if it sounds like you want it to.
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