Did anyone see the muse performance at reading this year? what was the effects box that bellamy had on the body of his guitar? it sounded awesome!!!
isn't that a thing that he had custom made for him, i think they call it the bellamiser or something, not sure, but it sounds really great
the guy who makes his guitars refuses to make them for anybody else
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Korg Kaos Pad + Manson guitars + Bare Knuckle pickups + Diezel Heads!!!!!!!! + Marshall cabs.

I wouldnt attempt any Muse stuff unless you have over £2000!
im assumeing yu mean the pad on the silver rivet manso...it was the controle panel for a korg M-FX MK-II.. it works like a theromen (however you spell it) but you use a pick insted of your hand
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Matt Bellamy > Shred

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i <3 muse
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Quote by timi_hendrix
Isn't it called a Kaos pad?

It's just to control effects and stuff.


There's some stuff on there.

ya but i believe Hugh's would of had infact gutted a whole nother Kaoss Pad to get that screen and to connect it to a whole new kaoss pad which are quite expensive imo but yeh i emailed him a while back yet still havent got any more word on how he connected the guitar to kaoss pad my guess was a midi cable. and if you would like to install one in your guitar check this out http://unmaintained.blogspot.com/2006/09/phils-kaoss-pad-guitar-mod.html