I bought an ibanezrg350dx, and a rowland micro cube around 2 weeks ago, i plugged it in today and it sounds really blunt, like an acoustic with distortion, my amp is on r-fier and ive got the tone full n both the amp and guitar, any suggestions to why its like this will be much obliged

Thanks in advance
Don't the Microcube run on batteries?? Try fresh batts dude.
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Make sure your gain is all the way up, also you may have a troggle switch on your guitar to change between pickups. I have a microcube and love it! for an acoustic sound you should have the gain on zero with your nick pickup, for distortion gain on 10 with bridge pickup. Probley should leave tone on 10 all the time, Hope this Helps. Where did you get your avatar?
Yeah, make sure it's on the bridge pickup. Neck pickups tend to have a more acousticy sound, and that the tone knob is all the way up. Also, try a different tone setting on the amp (I forgot, does the microcube have full 3 band EQ?)

EDIT: Oh, sorry, I didn't realize you said the tone was all the way up on the axe.
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You can't get a good tone from that set up. That's just my opinion.

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You can't get a good tone from that set up. That's just my opinion.

100% agreed.
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i had a great sound, i play a lot of metallica, its sounds great, but just today it sucked
check your volume knob. If you turn the volume knob it can make the most gained out amp sound like an accoustic
If you play more metallica maybe it will smarten up? (metallica rules )
ne way on a more seious note, try using a battery anyway because the power thingy may not be supplying the full power to where its needed.
also try some other settings and see if you can get the sound you want out of that.
and if you can't do taht go buy a GNX3

Maybe your lead or input jack is a bit dodgy, or the jack on the amp. check out that kinda thing, come back and ask us how to fix it.
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try to isolate the problem. try the guitar on another amp and try another guitar through your amp also try another cable that should then help you isolate the problem