I've been playing bass for a few months now but I'm looking to buy a five string bass. BUT I'm not sure of which type to get...

I want a 5 string bass that has a hard rock/metal tone but hopefully isn't uber expensive. Can anybody reccommend me a brand or a make?
I guess. I reccomend Shecter or music man.
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well i ve got a Ibanez BTB 205 and its sooooo nice. It has also active PU's, and it's around 350 bux
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Whats your pricerange and whats your style. Ibanez is probably the best brand to look into if its under 700.
If you want a cheap fiver definetely get an Ibanez SR205.
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washburn T25.

that will keep you set for some time.
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Schecter Stilettos are $600 to $700 and are a fine choice for a bass.
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Spectors give a great rock/metal tone. The Legend 5 is $800, which might be a out fo your price range.

I own a Q5 Pro, which is pretty much the same thing. Great bass.

Besides that, I would definetly recommend Schecters.
i have an ibanez BTB 405 qm, it is incredible! one of the best you can probably get for under £500!
Look at an Ibanez Ergodyne. Be sure to get the Luthite body thing, because that body can take a heck of a beating. its like 750 USD though. But its got a good front end to the note and is built extremely tough.
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my price range is about 300 quid tops. im not looking 4 a very special guitar... i just dont want one that sounds like i picked it out of the dump? u follow?
Get a cort
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I second the 405 or 505, depending on whether you like black or natural mahogany.
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