On a Peavey Valveking... There is an FX loop btu there isn't an FX button on the footswitch.. Therefore, the FX must always be active when pressed (rather than say.. The Rectos where you press the FX button on the footswitch for the effects to affect the sound)

What if.. I were to put a killswitch pedal in front of a pedal board on the FX loops, and turn on (or off... Whichever lets the soudn come back :S) the killswitch pedal when I wanted the pedals to affect the sound. For example: I want to put a Flanger, Fuzz and tremelo at the same time, but it is really hard to quickly press all three without using up a lot of time. But if I had the killswitch activated on the FX loop and then pressed all three fx before turning off the killswitch when I want the sound affected, would it kill all sound completely, or just the fx?

I probably explained that really bad... So if you have trouble understand.. I'll draw a picture for you or something xD
if i understood properly, it's going to cut your sound completly. what you need is an A/B box, A is for the effects, B for bypass.
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Would I need a Y cable? Because there is two inputs I could just as easily put the effects into 1 and guitar straight into the other...