Ok I've been playing for about 10 months now and I'm considering upgrading my squier (affnity).
I play a bit of everything... First of all I want to put in a humbucker on the bridge and then later on 2 new single coils for the middle and neck positions.
Any suggestions on which ones to get? I heard good stuff about the seymour duncan hotrails but I'm not to sure about the whole single coil sized humbuck thing... And I have absolutely no clue on what kind of single coils I should get.

ehh think of pickups as an asset... u can always take them out and pout them in ur next guitar..
go to the seymour duncan site and theres sound clips on their pickups.. c wat u like
p.s. i neva knew the affinity series has HSS setup
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Most strat copies have space for a humbucker. You just have to change the pickguard and get the pickup. Ya, check out SD.