Ok my friend needs help with his locking thing..

He took the string off when he was changing them and he didnt know you should not take them all off at the same time...

This is what he told me.
"Yeah I did lol and I can get the tremolo to even out witht he body but when I'm tuning up and stuff they go out of tune fast and it's frustrating I dont know wht to do lol. I tried getting them close to tune and locked them in so I can use the fine tuners but it still goes out of tune for no reaosn in a matter of moments I dont know what to do =/ =(. It's the first time I had to deal with a floyd rose hahaha.."

Anyone know what to do to make it work..
He got i think the licenced locking one form Ibanez RG something..
Its a white RG with black hardwar on it goes for about $400..

Im off to work and will check on this later
jus keep tuning the strings one by one until it holds, then lock it. i did the exact same thing wen i changed the strings on my floyd rose guitar. pain in the ass! lol

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if he does not post pics, he obviously has installed a pickup and bridge on his house broom for some brutal sweep picking.

When I change strings. I make sure the bridge lowers evenly by unwinding the strings evenly. When I retune I do the same.
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Its an Ibanez RG350DX with Edge III trem. The normal floyd rose tuning rule still apply, read this "uber" guide.

Tuning Floyd Rose:
1) Loosen the locking nut
2) Set your fine tuners to middle position
3) Tune up your guitar to standard or whichever tunings u wish. "Cross-tuning" between strings if you want easier. Tune the low E string> A string> low E string again> D string> low E string>A string... and so forth. Keep repeating for all strings. To make it more easier, tune the low E generally a bit sharper or about half step sharper, so that you might not have to repeat crossing the strings again and again.
4) If the floating bridge comes out, loosen the tunings and then tighten the springs in the tremolo cavity at the back, if the bridge sinks, then vice-versa, until the bridge is parallel to the body.
5) Be patient
6) If you're happy with your tunings and your bridge is well centered, lock in the nut
7) Tune again using the fine tuners

Also some tips - You might want to have at least 3 springs and after following the tuning method above, tighten the 2 claw's screw for about 1/8th or 1/4th more. This is to prevent your floating bridge from getting stuck to the knife edges on the posts (action studs) after you bend notes. You can ignore this if your bridge/trem is reliable (e.g. Edge Pro, Edge, ZR, Lo-Pro Edge, Original Floyd Rose, Licensed Floyd Rose by Kahler/Schaller/Gotoh). But still you may face this problem even if your bridge is very good.

Stretch the strings first if they're new

More info on tuning floyd roses - http://www.floydrose.com/originaltremolo.html
Info on changing strings - http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/columns/features/steal_this_video_re-stringing_guitar.html
Picture guide on how to perform the #4 step mentioned above - http://www.fretnotguitarrepair.com/floydrosetremolo.htm

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