I'm gonna be playing rhythm guitarist for a rock band in a gig soon (covering Mr. Browstone by GN'R) and before we go into it I was thinking of doing a few licks (no more than 30 seconds really) just to warm up the audience. I don't wanna go overboard seeing as I'm not the lead guitarist and nowhere near as good.
I was thinking about maybe a few BASIC sweeps (I can't sweep too well) and also some nice finger tapping and tremelo picking licks. Just enough to make the audience know that I'm there and that I ****ing rule.
Any suggestions on what structure or kind of lick I should play? I don't expect anyone to tab much out or anything, maybe just an idea or something because I don't wanna steal someone else's music.
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haha do something fast or it wont metter for 30 seconds

learn part of eruption then do the tapping
why do you have to impress the audience? I know that if I ever get to play a gig I will be happy if i don't screw up more than 5 times, rather than showing off at what you can do. Als if you're not very good at these things, if their are any guitarists in the crowd they will likely think of how noobish you are (I only say this because your intent seems to be to impress the audience)

just my 2 cents

I said I wanted to warm up the audience, also I'd rather play a lick that wasn't as boring as those in Eruption.
I only said I wasn't very good at sweeping. I'm not the best guitarist out there but I'm pretty sure I can play the type of licks I've already said well and without screwing up.
Any helpful suggestions would be much appreciated.
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Everyone has different opinions about stage presence. If you want to be arrogant and show off then you can, you could also just play the song and let the singer talk to the audience.

That's just my opinion.
hmmm look at joe satriani's - crowd chant and just pick some of the riffs you want to do..
I JUST need some ideas for basic licks. I don't need lessons on stage presence.
I value all of your inputs, really I do, but I find it hard to believe that the most applicable suggestion so far has been to play the Back in Black riff.
I'm asking for ideas and I'm being told not to play.
Please just answer the question with your own ideas for licks.
Jackson RR5
Epiphone LP Standard
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Marshall JCM 800 4103 Combo
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Er... if I'm not supposed to tab anything out what do you want? Root-minor-3rd-Root-bent-to-2nd?
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Or maybe let the lead guitarist do all the wankery?
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or just chill and blow them away with your sick rhythm tone when the time comes....thats what I like to do...there's a reason youre the rhythm guitarist, play what you want to play in your spare time...but when youre doing shows play what needs to be played...a supersolid rhythm and thats it...believe it or not, no one cares if youre good or not, they care if your bands good.
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^This guy is quite correct.

Just smile
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Why do you want to wank about before the band starts?
Just play what your supposed to play and let the band impress the audience.
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Yeah, learn the taping part to Eruption and Toccata and Fugue In D Minor. I did it as filler when my keyboardist was changing instruments at our last gig and the crowd loved it.
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It actually sounds quite sloppy when bands noodle before/during/after the music is being played...I would advise making no noise at all...its professional.
Playing more paintball and reading more books than playing guitar lately.
Mmmm, Sweet Child? (If u were playing GNR then the crowd would like it and get ready)
paRadise city solo, just a snippet, and then play the whole thing with your band later in some point.
play the intro to little wing they will be reaching out their hands waiting for your **** they will love you so much
" the lick is simply a diminished harmonic minor arpeggiated sequence of dominant stitonics descending down in whole steps in the Phrygian mode...with a raised fourth.