Ok, so im planning on getting a new bass fairly soon. It's gonna be fairly expensive, so i decided i want to get it set up (action, bridge, tonality, truss rod etc) properly by a guitar shop, so I don't break my new bass by trying to do it myself. So i went into my local guitar shop to ask how much it would be, and the dude said £75. To me that seems a little excessive just to tighten some screws and adjust a truss rod. How much should i expect to be paying?

I'm not buying the bass from said store^^^, im going to another shop (much bigger guitar super-store about 30 miles from my house). Bearing in mind im spending over £300 on the bass and gear in there, would i be better off asking them nicely to set it up for me when i buy it?

Thanks in advance.
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a guy at a shop by my house only charged me $20 to set up my bass. idk what that is in £.
20-25 $ seems about standard.
50 if its a pretty messed up bass...maybe.
My guy hates working on RICs so yeah, he always gives me hell...even then he only charges around 25...so it looks like youd be better off finding another shop

good luck in your hunt for a good deal.

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free if you do it yourself. It really is not hard. And 300 isn't too much. Some kids have spent over 700 on a bass on this site.
my local shop is about $60-80, so i just had my bass teacher do it for $20.
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Am I missing something here? you'r going to buy an instrument that isn't set up properly; would you buy a car and then expect to pay for the engine, steering etc to be set up?
When a new instrument leaves the shop it should already set up, you should play it and if it doesn't feel right get them to do it or don't buy.
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