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Closing date is October 10th!!!Please just get your track down!!!



Well it's all in the title. This is the One Take Wonder Contest. You pick the song, One take, absolutely NO over-dubbing whatsoever!!!! This is you at your raw-est, at your most musically naked self, the very essence of what made you pick that instrument up in the first place!!!! . Just chords and god-damn voice!!!. Any song! Any Genre! It Has to be a Cover!! You can play any instrument(guitar, piano, harmonica, cowbell?) and sing! Just as long as it's live'n'raw. Recording quality does'nt matter, hell.... mistakes dont even matter!!, whatever comes cool... My attempt will be "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt.( That will be funny )

Get to work. Create Magic.
Eurovision style will determine winner.
No More Than 16 Contestans

Post questions/links on the thread!
Good luck.
Most of all......Have Fun.

Prize is:- Nothing that you can touch.....Nothing that you can see...and certainly Nothing that you can spend!!..... But the greatest prize of all.......Something that you can feel!!!
You....(Winner) Will be crowned:.... "Greatest True Musician and Entertainer Without Any Tricks and Special Effects....Master.....of 2006". . Or GTMEWATSE Master '06 for short.

PS. I can hear overdubbing a mile away, if I hear it, you're outta here!!.


Eurovision style voting is simple:- All the contestants that participte in this contest will vote on the Other contestants. YOU must pick Your Top 10. IF YOU ARE A CONTESTANT YOU MUST LISTEN TO THE OTHER CONTESTANTS ENTRY, AND PICK... THE BEST(10Pts), THEN SECOND BEST(9 Pts) THIRD best(8pts) Ect... Ect...
1 Pt does not mean you are the "worst"!!! After the closing date ALL contestants MUST post thier votes.You can NOT vote for yourself. Top Number of points is 10!!, then 9 then 8 ect. ect.. It's simple and it's fair......


Me(Spudric) - "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt.

Jof1029 - "Slide" by the Goo Goo Dolls. (link req)

Guitar Skater - TBA. (link req)

Black Star - "The Ace Of Spades" by Motorhead -(link req)

Gallagher 2006 - "Sittin' Here In Silence" by Oasis -

Markigta-"A Message"by Coldplay.

Unborn - "The Kill" by 30 Seconds To Mars (link req)

Yawn -A coldplay song?? which one?? (link req)

Roamingbard13 - "You Belong to Me" by Jo Stafford

Stairwaytofloyd - "When You Were Young" by The Killers (link req)

Ovdojoey "The Scientist" by Coldplay (link req)

Djjowr - "My My Hey Hey" by Neil Young

I ARE 1031 - "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" by Led Zeppelin (link req)

stepup11 - "Alone" by Alice In Chains

That_Pink_Queen - TBA. (link req)

nobusforharold "Doornails"by NOFX
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do does that mean one take total or can i do one take of each separately? im thinking you mean do both together, but i just wanna check. also, due date? you know, just so i know when to have it in by.

anyway, just count me in for something. probably do wish you were here by pink floyd, but im not 100% sure.
No!!! it means One take TOTAL!!! like you were playing and singing it live! by yourself.... like at a party or something, or as the title suggests ,Like your life depended on it. Ummm Due date is Oct 5th.
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^ yeah, just checking cause i dont have 2 XLR cables at the moment. which basicly means my acoustic guitar will probably just have to be an electric guitar plugged into my mic preamp or i could just go buy another XLR cable i guess. time to stop rambling i guess.

do you want to put the list of participants in the first post? might help a bit of organizing. also, do you mind explaining the eurovision style voting? i dont follow that, so im just wondering?
I see your point, but I would rather the whole song played together. I will put all the contestants on the first page as soon as they post thier song choice, then the contestants will have to supply a link to the song (eg.dmusic, soundclick ect.) which will also appear on the first page..

Look to the First page for Eurovision points explination.
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I'll take a crack at this. I only have a mic to record with, but I guess it's good enough. I'll probably do an acoustic version of Ace of Spades by Motorhead.
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sure, why not? Dont know what ill do yet, but ive got a couple of 1 takes left over from last month...Ill be willing to throw one into the ring
Ill just enter a cover of Oasis "Sittin' Here In Silence". It was done in one take to test out my new mic. Its short and sweet, and quality is okay I guess, links in my sig.
Hey.......there's an angle I never even thought of! A Video would be cool!
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Ill enter, dont know what song yet...maybe hoobastank running away, or dallas green the grace, or dallas green sometimes, dont pick which one im gonna do for me yet, im just letting ya know ill enter with something lol
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I'll enter with my Coldplay cover, I guess...
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Ill enter with 30 seconds to mars - the kill
ive got a live take of it done now, but its only my 3rd attempt so i might keep working at it see if i can get a perfect live take
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I believe the point is that you pick a song you can do well. im sure every song every person here is entering is a song they've done a hundred times or more. ive done this song 3 times. So the point i was making is that im gonna do it again at a later date to see if i can get a better live take. Its still a live take, some shows are better then others
The point is no multi track.
Work to live, not live to work.
does it have to be the whole song?

cause i was thinkin of doin master of puppets...
I think it should be anything you want to represent yourself with
if someones came up to u with your life at risk and said

'play/sing something and maybe ill spare u'

I bet you'd play ur dangdest lol
Work to live, not live to work.
well ive decided ill be doing 'Slide' by the Goo Goo Dolls. its recorded, but i havent put it up on my Dmusic yet. probably do that later tonight. i did a couple half takes to get the levels set, then my first take was best. unfortunatly, my preamp was off so absolutly nothing was recorded. so you will all be hearing my second take. vocals are still a bit too quiet, but i got too much background noise if i turned up my mic more. so itll have to do.
Its fine if you want to attemp the song more than once, just that the take we all hear and judge has no editing or over-dubbing. Of course if you do it perfect in one take your probably gonna rack those points up.
Ryioku- Yes I would like a good representation of the song. NO 30 second clips are allowed!. You probably would get a lot of points, if you can find a way to make Master Of Puppets work, just on creativity alone.
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jof1029- Remember you have Untill Oct 5th to try and pefect the One Take Mastery!
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I'm all over this one...

I'll do the song "You Belong to Me," by Jo Stafford, but it'll probably sound more like the covers by Bob Dylan and Jason Wade.

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It's heating up in here! I cant wait to hear some of these!!!!!!
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TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO ENTER!!!!!!!! The GTMEWATSE's are like the OSCARS of Unsigned Music!!!!.......mmm.......might be talking crap again????....yip.
Now Is Not The Time To Cry....Now's The Time To Find Out Why!!!!
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PLeAsE ChECk FIRST POST FOr UpDaTeS!!!!!!!!....
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add me. Im doing "alone" by alice in chains and pearl jam. Ill will edit my post with the Dmusic link once i figure out my password. hehe.
doornails - nofx
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