So me my drummer and my pianist were jamming this out a few nights ago, and it was decent for a live take, so a couple days later i took the time to add some electric and bass and back up vocals! And here is the end result.


I realize its a lil hard to do a linkin park song, but without challenge how do you get better? Any feedback is GREATLY appreciated!!!!!cheers
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this sounds really good man, blown away.

Its amazing, all the intruments even out well, vocals rock, song really fits you. Drumming is badass, piano flows.

Can't find anything wrong with it tbh, excellent job

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I really don't like Linkin Park, but this cover was awesome dude. Way to make it your own, good job.
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havent heard original, but this sounds really annoying. Is that a rapper in the background? eww...Sorry man but this is probably one of ur covers that i really dont like, i didnt even make it to the end
Another awsome one. Nice to hear ya with drums and bass. I didnt find it annoying at all!! If I HAD to find something to crit, I would say maybe sing the backup vocals in perfect fourth or fifth to try and get away from that parralled chorus sound. But thats minor in this great song.
If you find time to crit mine. Its gonna be for the Coldplay cover contest Its my first take so be easy on me. Still needs the lead and maybe some bass.
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Thanks a lot for listening. The only reason why I couldnt make the chorus' more in unison is becuase the main vocals is a completely live take, and their not perfect... so when i go back and do the back up vocals, i have to match the flaws or do it perfectly.. so theres a fine line between em lol, o well, for live thats waht u get sometimes :p
thanks again
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Work to live, not live to work.
that's pretty awesome. the keyboard intro was off by a few notes... i liked the acoustic though and the singing was great. good job overall.
Wow man I'm listening to it now and its awesome. I love your vocals man

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It almost sounded like Chester [whether you like that or not I'm saying it compliment form lol] but what really gets me is your arrangement of this song. I love the acoustic-ness.
to me, the only thing that was weird was the piano... it was off by a few notes, but otherwise, good job
It's very good, however I would remove the back-up vocals :p you've got somewhat of a funny accent there. Otherwise adjust your levels, I can barely hear the drums.
Very nice singing. I would do it slightly slower but that's personal...
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