Hi all,

I've recently decided to expand my styles of playing and I've started to have a profound liking of blues lately. So what are some good solos that are a must-know for blues players? Nothing incredibly hard, though.

And I'm really familiar with the pentatonic scales and blues scale.

try some bb king, the thrill is gone has some good licks, as does so many roads so many trains by otis rush. also check out some john lee hooker and early fleetwood mac, when peter green was with them, imo their black magic woman beats santana's all over
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Start with some Clapton, Stevie Ray, Buddy Guy, Albert King, BB King, and Muddy Waters is also good
the beatles' "while my guitar gently weeps" is pretty bluesy. the solo is awesome.
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All of van halens playing is derived from blues... If you wanna look into some more advanced sounding lead, definately look into eddies playing.

Clapton is great, as well as SRV.
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jimis album "blues"

any SRV

buddy guys a must

albert king

hubert sumlin

rory gallagher

roy buchanan

bb king

freddie king


all good places to start
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Improvise, thats what most blues players do.
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two words for ya dude: gary moore!

try the parissene walkways solo or still got the blues,but the latter is kinda advanced

also clapton is quite influental!
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