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My band is going to the studio to record an album.
This is the first time we'll be recording professionally (we made a demo once, but that was in a garage, rebuilt to a 'studio') and the producer want's to start with just drums and bass. I'm not so keen on the drummer. He's not really solid and doesn't always knows where he is in a song.
My question is, is it better to record a track with the entire band and then just do a recording with bass and drums while we listen to the track through headphones or should we just try to record drums and bass and hope he doesn't screw up?
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When I recorded with my band we had the guitarist play the songs along with us through headphones. Wasnt perfect as there was no vocalist but guitarists generally know where they are in songs and can nod/kick other members of the band when it goes to chorus/bridge/verse
Overdubbing drums is almost impossible to do well.
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Its very hard to put drums in later. Which is why they are usually started with or recorded with everything else at once. If your having second thoughts on your drummer you should wait. No reason to waste good money down the drain cause your drummer aint talented enough yet.
if your drumer can't play the songs i'd say practice a little more and then record in a few weeks/or months
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This is standard practice, but it really makes no odds if the guitarists are playing because the bass will more than likely be DI'd and the drums will be in a drum room on his own. The drums will be recorded seperately anyway, as will the bass. I think it's far better to get that live sound and play together than to overdub everything. That said, the drums and bass need to be tighter than a nuns you know what, so be prepared to do a few takes. Oh, and my advice to you is spend about 20 mins jamming when you get there to warm up, then do some recording.. it's worth getting there earl to accomdate this.

Any Q's please ask, i have a good bit of recording experience and i am a qualified sound engineer.

good luck
If you're drummers not tight it's not gonna be easy recording in layers, but this is the best way to do it. If it's both of you at the same time it should be easier.

It'll be a learning curve for him to play to a click track, so make sure he's memorised all the songs and get him to practice to a metronome, alone. It's worth getting the drums tight, cause if they aren't it lets the whole band down.

When we recorded we had an acoustic backing track so our drummer knew where he was in the song, and that helps.
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It'll be a learning curve for him to play to a click track

You're telling me ! our drummer struggled os much we ended up doing it in free time. We would've been there all day otherwise. The tempo does wobble a bit but it's not too bad..