Poll: What's your favorite tuning?
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69 58%
Down 1 half step(eb,Bb,Gb,Db,Ab,Eb,)
19 16%
Down 1 whole step(D,A,F,C,G,D)
7 6%
Drop D(e,B,G,D,A,D)
15 13%
Drop Db or C#(eb,Bb,Gb,Db,Ab,Db)
3 3%
Drop C(D,A,F,C,G,C)
6 5%
Drop B(C#,G#,E,B,F#,B)
0 0%
Voters: 119.
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E, Eb, D, Db
Youtube covers

(E flat in short)
(half a step down if your retarded)
oh and i forgot... Db Ab Db Gb Bb Eb
drop d......then half a step down....
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I play mostly in either Drop D or standard tuning. Drop D about 90% of the time, though.

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D standard & Drop C.. every now and then open D minor.
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Im gunna have to role with Drop D and standard too cause they're the ones i use the most
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I second the D standard tuning, whoever mentioned it up there. DGCFAD I think it is.

Sounds cool for jazz.
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retards, yeah I know i posted it high to low, i don't care, don't make a big deal of it, and Drop Db and C# is the same thing!

my fave is Drop Db
Drop Db and C# standard?
Standard, Open G, and on occasion drop b standard half step down (best way to describe that one really)
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I leave my electrics tuned down a half step, and my acoustics stay in standard.. I prefer it down a half step tho
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I voted Drop D 1/2 step down (can't really say it's Drop Db, as Db is the equivalent to C#) or C# standard or whatever you guys and gals call it.
standard all the way

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Mine is standard D because I play a lot of CoB. My friends is dropped D because he plays a lot of LoG. So its a pain in the ass everytime to tune up just to jam with him. Man I gotta get a new guitar.
Im in Standard C, Standard C half a step, or Dropped A.
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These are not special tunings, what the hell? is metal all you can think of?
my favorite tuning has to be Open Db
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Standard is what i use about 75% of the time, the other 25% is a mixture of Drop D or out of tune

When i get my ibanez I'll use my dean for even lower tunings
Standard E for me babeh!... its take too much time to tune my guitars any diff, i just wanna play it is all..
Standard for me. Drop D as well for a few tunes.
These real low tunings are starting to get boring imho, why not just play a 6 string bass.
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Mine is standard D because I play a lot of CoB. My friends is dropped D because he plays a lot of LoG. So its a pain in the ass everytime to tune up just to jam with him. Man I gotta get a new guitar.

dude, love your avatar, i use tight-fite

Drop C as in standard dropped full step and C on bottom
Drop A!!!!!
DROP DROP D! Drop D in standard tuned down whole octave

I 'pwnt' you all.
Drop D is usually what I'm in. Either that or standard.
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